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2018 02 09


Slugline Version 1.3.0 (213)

An update to the splendid screenwriting app Slugline showed up today (Friday, March 17, 2017).

The ‘bug fixes’ portion of the release notes has some good stuff:

“Undo-ing the creation of a Character/Dialog pair no longer inserts random garbage into your screenplay.
‘That’s my job,’ you joked, but, hey, take it easy on yourself. That kind of self-doubt adds up.”

“When reverting to a saved document, the ‘Loading’ spinner should go away now, rather than stay there for four to eight years.”



Terrible Minds

Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge this week—OK, almost two years ago—is called “Spin The Wheel”.

I used a random number generator to come up with 10, 7, 2 for items within three specified categories hes set out.

Subgenre: Southern gothic. Setting: On the surface of a comet. Must feature: Magical foodstuff.

So yes, if I were to do Wendigs Flash Fiction challenge this weekI would have to _generate 1000 words of Southern gothic, set on the surface of a comet. AND featuring magical foodstuff_.