WordPress for iPad

I’m doing my best to give it a chance.  After all, it allows me to seem to be adding a post, and once it actually did add a post.

But no longer.  I now see a box telling me that there has been a “Communication Error” as a result of a “Bad username or password.”

I should be writing instead.  Current project:  A lightweight “ghost” story.


Today’s Lesson

The scenario: You’ve grilled a few shrimp using some fine metal
skewers and have brought them into the kitchen. Skewers and all,
you’ve placed the shrimp onto your plastic cutting board, forgetting
that the skewers are now fiendishly hot. The shrimp does fine, but
the metal skewers melt into the cutting board. (And why do you have a
plastic cutting board? Are you insane?)

The lesson: Never place fiendishly hot items on your plastic cutting
board. Nor on your wooden or bamboo cutting board. In fact, never
place anything on your cutting board that you’re not about to cut.
It’s a Cutting Board, dammit!

That is all.

Blog editors

When I decided to try low-footprint blog editors, I became so entranced with gimmicky things that I entirely forgot about MarsEdit — which I’ve paid for. What a dufus!

Worse – I see I haven’t had WordPress time zone set correctly. It should now be corrected.

Update: Something called ‘Blogo’ has surfaced. It looks good, and costs about $25.