Blog editors

When I decided to try low-footprint blog editors, I became so entranced with gimmicky things that I entirely forgot about MarsEdit — which I’ve paid for. What a dufus!

Worse – I see I haven’t had WordPress time zone set correctly. It should now be corrected.

Update: Something called ‘Blogo’ has surfaced. It looks good, and costs about $25.




Testing Windows Live Writer

Yes, even though I’m mostly a Mac guy these days, I thought it best to see what Windows Live Writer is like – should anyone ask me. And  Yes, it’s pretty easy to use.  (I suspect the overhead is staggeringly large — not overhead in the Big Files sense, but memory.)

If you happen to be running Windows Live Something and decide you don’t like it at all, look for a file named wlarp.exe.   (Mine lives here – C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Installer\wlarp.exe).  Run wlarp.exe to install, update or uninstall any of the ‘Live” apps.

In any case, this week’s favorite blog editor: ScribeFire, a Firefox extension.

Thanks to ten for the heads up.